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Monday, March 1, 2010

Overdue Update

Hmmm, I'm not doing a very good job maintaining my blog so far. It has been about a month since I last posted and, creatively speaking, I have been just a little busy. Although, I still think I don't complete enough, I have been working on a few things. I guess I just need to keep creating as much as time and opportunity allow.

I am continuing my work on jewelry that combines stitched beadwork with handmade ceramic components. I have finished the beaded sections to 6 necklaces. I have already shared the info on the triangle-components necklace. Now, I want to share a few snapshots and sketches about the one of the other 5.

My favorite one so far creates a scene. I designed this one to look like a vine meandering along a trellis. Using the herringbone stitch, I created the "vine" with three columns of root beer Delica seed beads and one column of pine green Delica seed beads. I added leaves made with the pine green beads and will later be incorporating tiny ceramic leaves. The leaves vary slightly in size to provide additional depth. The ceramic leaves will also vary slightly with the central, focal leaf being larger than the others. I created the "trellis" using the netting stitch in light violet Delica seed beads with the root beer beads as the crossing points. Then, to give technical strength and an appearance of a "stone structure supporting the trellis", I added labrodite and sesame jasper stones between the stitched sections. I really love the way I finished the toggle bar; I actually stitched the netting over and around one of the labrodite beads! It looks really cool. (Sorry, my snapshots are not perfect. My hands shake too much to be a very good photographer.) I like the concept of the toggle loop, but I will admit that I struggled making this exact one. This one is functional and appears fine, but in making it, and continuing to run it through my head later, I have figured out a better way to do the same concept in the future.

I want to share about the other necklaces that I have been working on, but I also want to get this posted. I have already been working on this posting off and on for a couple of days. There are so many things that I want to share!!! I need to get better about updating my blog...

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