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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life is about priorities...

As I create, I think about all kinds of stuff...I am really enjoying this phase of my creativity working with the little things like jewelry and ornaments. More than that, though, I have been thinking on my life-focuses for the present time and the immediate future. When I spent my reflective time at the beginning of the year considering resolutions and such, I thought that this would be the year that I would finally get my little business really up and running. The past couple of years, I have sold a few items on etsy and at a local craft show, but I haven't really been very sales-productive. I thought that this year would be different! I determined to setup at a regional show in August and again in November. I decided that I would finally do enough to warrant an actual business license and filing taxes! Hmmm...well, those are good intentions, but...life is about priorities.

Constantly worrying about productivity is counter-productive and anti-creative. I have seen too much low-quality work created by others in the name of productivity. If it needs the time to be made right, then the time needs to be there. Cutting corners to increase productivity in a limited amount of time is wrong! (Don't misunderstand, some artists create very nice work in a short amount of time.) So, in order for me to create enough artwork to fully display at a regional show, I need a lot of time. I like taking my time to assure beautiful artwork. It makes me feel better and I hope it is appreciated by any customers that I may eventually have, but honestly, I take my time because I like taking my time. I love watching a piece develop; I actually savor the progress. Whether it's a pile of beads entwining into an elegant necklace or a lump of clay developing into a decorative, semi-functional piece of artwork, it fascinates me to watch the metamorphosis and know that my hands and creativity played an essential role. So, it matters to me and I need to assure that I provide adequate time for the proper development of my artwork.

So, Time...and Priorities...balancing those seems to be a major part of what life's all about. I had set those grand goals at the beginning of the year. I also set significant goals for other areas of my life. I am a mom to 3 young adult-children. Two of my kids have needed my presence and assistance out of town for the past couple of months. (BTW, I will be returning home this weekend!!!) I redirected my creative endeavors from my pottery vases and candle plates to beaded jewelry and allotted some time while in Rhode Island for it, but I have not devoted all my time to the jewelry. I'm not here primarily to work on the jewelry, but have other priorities. The jewelry is nice to work on between my other concerns. Well, as things are wrapping up here, I am thinking on my goals and focuses when I get back home.

As I said, I set goals for other areas of my life in addition to my artwork. I am also working on a hobby farm. I have numerous thoughts and reasons, probably more than enough for another blog, on the subject, but suffice it to say that I am committed to my little farm too. After I get home, I will be adding to my chicken flock and planting lots and lots of berries and other plants. I am very excited about this! But, it will take a lot of time...time away from my artwork.

Life is about balancing priorities. I'm not the best at it, but I continue to try to balance those things that I find important. Will I be setting up at those regional shows or making enough sales to claim it on my taxes this year? No. But I will continue to create and someday I will have enough together to take the next step.

Don't worry, I will never stop creating new things or exploring new ideas. I don't think I can stop. It is as much a part of me as breathing, eating, and caring about my family. I should be reopening my etsy shop within the next two weeks and hopefully will have new pieces listed within the next 4-6 weeks. (I still have one more trip to make to Rhode Island next month and other things that need settled elsewhere.) I will continue to make progress with my artwork, sometimes slow and steady and sometimes in short yet productive bursts. It will all be a balancing act. Will I ever be a full-fledged art business? Only time will tell.

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