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Thursday, March 4, 2010

My jewelry is unique

I enjoy taking my time to create my work. When I was a teenager, my mom and I would go browse craft shows. We didn't go to actually buy things. We went to see things. We would look at the handcrafted items and figure out how it was made. We discovered that we could make almost everything there for a lot less money and without too much difficulty. This observation has greatly influenced my life and my artwork. You see, I want to make special things. I don't want my work easily replicated. Why would someone buy something from me if they could just go home and easily make it themselves?

So, in deciding to create jewelry, I have chosen stitched necklaces with ceramic components. Why? Well, first of all, to be honest, I find the rythmic stitching to be relaxing and fun. But, I have also considered some of my basic principals. Stitching takes time, more time than the average person is willing to put into it themselves. Stitching takes an attention to details that most people lack. It's not particularly hard or strenuous, but it is more than most people are willing to learn or put in the effort. Yet, it is very attractive, looks complex, compliments many styles, and will be able to be combined with my ceramic components as they become available.

I continue to occasionally browse craft shows. The predominant jewelry style is simple, strung necklaces where the maker simply strings unique beads in an attractive pattern. Hello?!? What's so special about that?!? I honestly intend no offense to anyone. I know that those (mostly) ladies are nice people who like pretty jewelry and want to share their love of precious beads with others for a profit. That's nice, but what makes what they are doing so special? What prevents me from going home, going online, ordering the same beads from FireMountainGems.com, paying a ton less, and assembling the simple necklace myself? Personally, as a craftsperson, I don't want my potential customers to look at my wares and think that thought. I strive to create artwork that draws admiration and a desire to possess the unique item as I have created it. I don't want them to take the idea home; I want them to take the actual item home.

So, I take my time and create unique, stitched necklaces with unique, handmade ceramic components. I don't make anything that is totally weird or grotesque, just unique and elegant. The necklaces that I make will have ceramic leaves and flowers handmade by me. Each leaf or flower will be unique. There will not be any two that are identical. If someone likes my leaves and flowers, they must get them from me. They can't order the same thing for a lot less through a massive, corporate, import company. My ceramic components are what will really make the greatest difference in my jewelry. The time put into the stitchwork will add details and depth to the overall unique quality and make it less likely that my potential customers will have a desire to go home and do it themselves. Plus, the stitchwork compliments the ceramic components in the attention to detail and style.

Many factors influence my work: time, availability of materials, investment monies, inspirations, and me-my soul, my principals, my thoughts, my likes and dislikes, my past, and my dreams. I sincerely hope that these influences affect my work in a positive way and that others will always find my creations pleasing.

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