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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Merry Christmas in July!

My perspective on Christmas has fluctuated throughout my life. I have always believed in the true reason for the season and assure that I remember Him even in the little details like spelling Christmas starting with "Christ" and never spelling it as Xmas. I understand wishing people "Happy Holidays" to recognize that the entire season includes Christmas and other holidays too, but I usually wish people "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" to recognize my personal emphasis on Christmas. These things have remained throughout my life; it's more my activities, how I react, and the more complex perspectives that have changed. When I was a young adult and the kids were little, I didn't really think about Christmas until sometime in November and then it all hit me at once with lots of excitement and fun activites. It was a busy, hyper, oft-confusing and overwhelming season. When I had the flower shop, I planned for Christmas months in advance, but never for myself. Christmas became a time when I tried to create a mood, to build upon people's love for each other, and to share in others' celebrations. It was a time when I became almost completely unaware of myself and any personal recognition of the holiday season. Then, as my children reached young adulthood, Christmas almost became lost in other activities. Last year, we didn't even set up a tree. Christmas dinner was not too grand. There were only a few presents, although we did go after-Christmas shopping. There were just too many other things going on.

This year, I began thinking of Christmas way before July even. I think that's more how I want it to be. I like thinking about the positive feelings inspired by Christmas throughout the entire year. It's partly that thought process and perspective that inspires my current line of ornaments. My themes are life and love, which, to me, are important throughout the year and highly emphasized during the holidays.
My heart ornaments are a perfect example of the emphasis on love, but even here I also focused on life by including the tiny little leaves. These ornaments will truly display lovingly around the holiday time, but what I really like about them is that they can also be displayed throughout the year for multiple purposes. They would hang nicely in the kitchen on that skinny section of wall where most people hang their potholders, or in the bedroom in that small space next to the closet. They would be adorable decorating a wedding or even a baby present. And wouldn't it be cute to hang one on a suction cup hook at the office? These precious ornaments can serve to remind us of love and life throughout the year and at Christmastime.

My "Tree of Life" ornament obviously celebrates life, but it also celebrates my love for nature, my appreciation of the gifts that we have all around us. It, too, can be displayed along those little places where we could use a little positive influence, a little reminder of the holiday season throughout the year without looking so much like we simply forgot to pack up last year's ornaments.

My little birdhouse ornaments epitomize all that I have already shared here. The love of life and the joy of sharing it throughout the year, while being able to comfortably and attractively display the positive sentiments of the holiday season and maintaining a suitable decor all year long.

To me, Christmas-in-July is not just a time for early preparations for the holiday season, but also a time to stop and think about all the warm and loving feelings that Christmas brings into our lives. This is the season to refresh those feelings and feel good about ourselves and those we love!
I have enjoyed reflecting upon Christmas as I have prepared for a Christmas in July promotion being held throughout Etsy, the Etsy Mud Team, and within my shop. Many other members of the EtsyMudTeam have also been working to help you prepare for a joyous and festive holiday season. To view the entire list of participating members, please visit the MudTeam website at http://www.etsymudteam.craft-sense.com/ . Or if you choose to visit the Etsy main website ( http://www.etsy.com/ ), you can search for "christmasinjuly" to see lots and lots of neat, handcrafted Christmas items.

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