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Friday, June 25, 2010

Something Special in My Etsy Shop for July

Ok, I admit it...marketing is not my favorite part. But, the etsymud team (and actually etsy in general) is working on a Christmas in July promotion and I've decided to join in since I was already working on small things like ornaments and such. The etsymudteam's promo starts July 8th. I will be featuring my work in a showcase in the Ceramics and Pottery category. I haven't yet decided what my "special" will be...hmmm...what about including a small gift like a ceramic gift tag with total shop purchase over $10-$15? I like that idea! Gift tags are reasonably simple to make and can be written on with a fine tip Sharpie. They are small enough that I can include them in the packaging without a lot of extra expense. I definitely like the idea!!!

After starting this blog and coming up with the gift tag idea, I hurried out to the studio and created some! They're not very complicated, just simple little tags. The finished size should be around 1.75" x 2.75". I will bisque them, apply a frit/stain wash and fire to ^6. They will be as durable as high-fire, but because I will leave them unglazed, they will still be able to be written on with a Sharpie type marker.
I will offer one free for any purchase over $15 in my etsy shop from July 8-31. If anyone buys multiple items over $15 each, then I will include a free gift tag for each, but if someone buys multiple items that only come up to or just over $15 together, then I will only provide one free tag.
The promo starts in about 2 weeks and I better get busy! I this this is a good marketing idea, but I still need to make them, let them dry, make enough other stuff to justify firing, do a bisque-fire, apply finishing techniques on these and enough other stuff for firing again, then do the final ^6 firing. Plus, I still need time to get everything listed! Hmmm, I'd better get focused and moving! I'm excited and looking forward to Christmas in July!
BTW, there's still other stuff that I wanted to blog about like an interesting firing that I did yesterday, but I need to prioritize my time, so the other sharing will have to wait. Sorry, maybe I'll tell ya'll about it when I take a break from creating, but for now, off to the studio!!!

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  1. great idea!!!
    deb (under my boyfriend's account :) )