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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jewelry Ideas

Ok, I'm up in Rhode Island, far from home and all my pottery supplies for the nine more weeks! I think I'm having serious withdrawals!

I find myself thinking a lot about design ideas and decided to try to write some of them down. Since I have decided to work smaller and create jewelry, I'll start with those ideas.

Before I left Missouri, I had designed some ornaments using small hand-extruded coils. One of my jewelry ideas expands off of that. I want to create a rectangular frame that includes a little loop centered on the top and another centered on the bottom. The top loop is obviously for a bail; the bottom loop is to add a beaded tassel. I want to adorn the frame with teeny, tiny leaves. To create the necklace, I want to design a chain, probably three strands of a semi-precious stone joined with swarovski crystals. I haven't decided on colors yet, maybe tones of green and amber.

I have more ideas that I will try to post later.

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